Self-Consideration: 3 Ways to Make Monday Brighter

Monday is here. Pictures of cranky cats and large cups of coffee are befitting.

Then again, this is a new week. It’s a fresh start. Amazing things can happen.

But it’s still Monday. I need baby steps to brighten my morning and remember the sunshine is behind those clouds somewhere. In case you do too, I’ll give you my three-step plan:

1.  Smile and Make Eye Contact to everyone you greet : your spouse, barista,  colleagues, and clients.

Smiles are infectious, improving your own happiness and making you more approachable to others. Making eye contact will also help you make meaningful, intentional connections.

To avoid the gawky stare, just maintain eye contact long enough to be able to tell the color of the other person’s eyes.

2.  Write a Thank You Card to acknowledge a simple gesture made by your family member, employee, or neighbor.

Showing gratitude not only affirms the efforts of another, but it shifts your focus onto the positive rather than the critical. Handwritten cards are best, but a quick email will do the trick.

Bonus Points: When composing your thank you card, try to avoid using the words “thank you” by focusing on what the other person did and how it made you feel.

3.  Say No to the energy, life-draining influences around you.

Say no to the bombastic coworker who puts down others to feel superior. Say no to the person in your life who needs to respect your healthy boundaries. Say no to eating the processed sugary food that will only cause you to feel sluggish and tired as the day goes on.

Find a coworker who needs a little encouragement. Spend quality time to the motivating people in your life. And, take the time to eat something fresh that grew out of ground.

Here’s my true confession: I’m really bad about just eating protein bars instead of real food. Not today. Today I’m going to find some berries.

Happy Monday!Strawberries



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