Toasting the Exquisite: Kate Middleton


Source: Wikipedia Commons

To the lovely Princess Kate,

On the day you officially became a princess, 24 million viewers around the world watched you walk down the aisle in a stunning Alexander McQueen gown to your awaiting prince.

Watching your fairy tale was more magical than Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White.

From that moment on, every moment of your life has been scrutinized. We have admired and criticized you, complimented and questioned you. Yet bear it all with the grace and dignity of true royalty.

Also, you can do amazing things like squat in stiletto heels whilst holding baby Princess Charlotte in order to talk to toddler Prince George, and then stand again with grace and dignity.

You have accepted the expectations set before you, and still find a way to flourish with your own style, strength, and identity.

When he was still a young boy, we watched Prince William lose his mother and take on the weight of an impending crown. We have been rooting for him to find love, comfort, kind relationships.

And then you arrived: the young girl he fell for in his college days, the woman who agreed to stand by his side even when that meant living the rest of your life in the public eye.

For your style and classy sense of fashion,

For the way that you live your life according to your own melody, yet still harmonizing with the song of the British monarchy,

For your love and support of a prince who needed a fairy tale ending,

For your confidence, your poise, and being exquisitely you,

Cheers to you!


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