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We want to share some of our stories, life lessons, and practical tools to inspire you to be confident, poised, and exquisitely you. To get started, here are some of the bits and pieces you’ll find on the site:

Practical Etiquette…for the Rest of Us
Whether attending a formal business dinner or a neighborhood barbecue, knowing the rules of decorum before you walk in the door will make any event more enjoyable. We’ll share the tips and tricks on applying the classic principles and standards of etiquette to our modern, constantly changing world.



Being confident and poised starts with being YOU. Whether we need to sleep more, eat more whole foods, or simply take the time to be grateful, we have to start with ourselves before we take on the world.


Exquisite Toasts
Throughout our lives, we have been influenced by several strong and beautiful souls. Here’s our chance to raise our glasses to celebrate these exquisite humans who are changing our world and inspiring our lives.


Private Jet Parked on Tarmac

Please Just Don’t
This is our ever growing list of etiquette faux pas that drive us crazy… which we may or may not be guilty of doing ourselves. Participate in our monthly poll on some of the particularly annoying things in everyday life.